My ballet has improved since taking Awareness Through Movement classes. The coordination of movement and control of my body are noticeably better, although I am not consciously aware of how the transformation has taken place. One must take the class consistently to begin seeing a difference. At first, I decided to stay with the practice because it is so relaxing. Over time, I felt a big difference in my physical abilities. It is not like an exercise class to make you fit or burn calories, although I have picked up movements to incorporate in workouts. Since it seems to the quantitative mind that you are not accomplishing anything during the session, some people may have difficulty to prioritize going to class. Yet the class is extremely productive on a subconscious level of how your brain interacts with your body’s movement. Especially if you would be described as a klutz or injury-prone, you will reap great benefits from a dedicated Feldenkrais practice. Monica is a gentle, patient teacher, but she does sometimes ask you to undertake movements that you don’t like. She lets you modify any exercise as needed. This class will fix things about you that you didn’t think could be improved.