Personal Session

PRIVATE SESSIONS are called Functional Integration®. They are one on one sessions with a practitioner who uses gentle, non-invasive touch and verbal instructions to guide the student in a personalized movement process.

It is used to address individual needs. To do this, the practitioner may move the arm, legs, head and trunk in a way that enhances the awareness of movement. He or she may draw attention to elements such as your breathing or the difference between the two sides of the body.

The practitioner communicates to the student through gentle touching and movement, how to move in more expanded functional motor patterns.

Functional Integration is usually performed with the student lying on a table designed specifically for the work. It can also be done with the student in sitting or standing positions. At times, various props are used in an effort to support the person’s body configuration or to facilitate certain movements.

The Feldenkrais Method is a teaching approach. It is not part of the medical system and, therefore, is not covered by insurance.  But many people who have Flexible Spending Accounts get reimbursement through them for the Individual Sessions.

Personal sessions:

Herndon Office
Price of private session: $100/hour

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