Body awareness is key to injury prevention.
The more you move the better off you are.
You may ask, “what if the kind of movement you’re doing will become more difficult as you age?”
We often don’t think about the impact of our movements’ habits – how we hold tension in our neck or lower back, how inefficient we breath, how we shovel snow, or even how we run or do yoga. These ‘movements habits’ can contribute to aging dramatically. The dilemma is that old habits can become dangerous to our joints by overstressing ligaments causing strains, injuries, and tears in our muscle.
Body awareness is the key to preventing injuries. Nothing will protect your back or your knees more than having body awareness to know how to move in a protective manner. We need our brains to understand our limits when we exercise so that we do not strain our bodies into injury. Taking Feldenkrais classes will help you with that. These classes are also called Awareness Through Movement.